The AWAKE project

„AWAKE Attention, Perception, Concentration, Experience – Learning According to Neuro-Science“ is a project in the field of school education that takes on the challenge of restoring the basic attention of children in order to enable a natural learning process. This is embedded in the learning environment of theater, in which all neurosensory stimuli are continuously and naturally triggered through playing. The results of the 28-month Erasmus+ project AWAKE are a mixture of further education, modern teaching materials and video tutorials, which are freely available on this website in German, Romanian and English at the end of the project.

Attention as a driving force

Attention is the greatest force in the learning process. It makes it possible to grasp the new and the unexpected. Attention is the prerequisite for generating the necessary information in a learning process through perception and the opening of the senses. Attention is not only an integrative prerequisite for cognitive, sensory and motor performance, for the development of knowledge, but overall for the development of personality.

In recent years and decades, significant motorical, sensorical and cognitive development problems have been observed in children. The children have increasing difficulties in being curious, attentive, and awake. With AWAKE, teachers are introduced to neurosciences; a mix of materials for further education and use in the classroom is developed for them.


The goals of the project are:

  • Merging of pedagogy and neuroscientific knowledge
  • Recognizing students‘ learning problems
  • Basic knowledge to better understand the subject of “attention”
  • Exercises for promoting awareness and learning
  • Digital mix of teaching materials
  • Classical theater as a holistic learning environment
  • Professional video instructions
  • Guide to rehearsing a play
  • Curriculum for education and training

Modern teaching

The AWAKE project is carried out by four partners from Austria, Germany and Romania. The participating organizations have specialized expertise in education, neuroscience and theater. Their common drive is to improve the situation many children find themselves in – the lack of attention and ability to concentrate, as this prevents them from acquiring basic and key skills and subsequently being able to participate as a full member of society.

Teachers learn about the neuroscientific processes that take place in people during learning and are made aware of the topic. This basic knowledge about learning, coupled with the other project results, enables them to create modern and interdisciplinary lessons. Teachers can use their knowledge to change the attitudes of their students.

Students understand how learning can be related to positive emotions and experiences. In addition, they will immerse yourself in the world of classical theater and familiarise themselves with acting.

Advanced training

The project includes multiplier training courses in which 60 teachers from Austria and Romania are trained on the basis of the content and results of the project. In summer 2022, an international conference will take place in Vienna with the aim of making the topic of neurosciences & education accessible to a wider public.